SkinPen Advanced Microneedle Cartridge: Info & FAQs

SkinPen by Bellus Medical is a Medical-Grade, State-of-the-Art Precision Tool Available from Skincare Professionals like Shangrila MedSpa

Recently a Shangrila MedSpa patient received Microneedling therapy with SkinPen and provided answers to some frequently asked questions about the treatment. Read on for her experience with this state-of-the-art skincare product.

SkinPen is designed to address acne scars, the symptoms of aging skin, and to increase the efficacy of topical skin-care products. It’s designed to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen formation, creating healthier skin. This repair process is accelerated by SkinPen through the formation of microscopic channels, which also allow products to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

SkinPen offers the most advanced microneedle cartridge on the market today. This is what differentiates SkinPen from other technologies. Patient safety is the number one concern at Bellus Medical. Within months of market introduction of SkinPen, Bellus Medical launched the Advanced Microneedle Cartridge, a single-use disposable tip, with these unique features:

Unique Features of SkinPen Advanced Microneedle Cartridge by Bellus Medical

Patented Bio-Sleeve technology to prevent cross-contamination
Exhaust port to prevent suction and reduce risk of broken capillaries
12 sterile 32-gauge medical grade steel needles to minimize epidermal destruction and maximize results

The Bio-Sleeve feature on the SkinPen microneedle cartridge is pivotal to the safety of patients. This component allows you to perform a SkinPen treatment confident that fluids, serums and blood generated during the procedure do not penetrate the cartridge and enter the body of the device, significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination.

SkinPen Treatment: Questions & Answers

Shangrila Medspa patient before SkinPen Microneedling Therapy

Q: What information was shared with you regarding the benefits?

A: I received a great deal of information regarding the benefits of the SkinPen. In addition to the printed material explaining the procedure I also had a consultation with the Specialist. She explained how the microneedle would reduce scaring and wrinkles and give me more vibrant skin tone. I was also lucky enough to see the treatment results as each treatment was administered to another patient. I was thrilled with the results on someone else and couldn’t wait to improve my skin, too.

Q: How did you know you were a candidate?

A: My face has severe sun damage, very large acne scars and a lot of wrinkles. It was as though the benefits of the SkinPen microneedling were just what I needed. I knew that any procedure that used my own body to replenish my skin would be good. The damage to my face needed a procedure that would help the skin permanently and the SkinPen was just the thing.

Q: How is the procedure done?

A: You lie comfortably on a bed and relax while the Specialist uses the SkinPen on each quadrant of the face.

Q: What does it feel like?

A: It feels like a slight touching of the skin over and over. It does not hurt.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: About an hour.

Q: What was the downtime?

A: Absolutely no down time. That is what is so remarkable about the SkinPen. Permanent results with no down time.

Q: When did you see results?

A: I saw the results the next day. Every day after the procedure my skin looked better and better. It was like I woke up every morning looking younger than the day before. My friends and coworkers started asking me why I looked younger after about 3 days. After 2 weeks my boss came up to me and said that I looked 5 years younger and why was that? It was amazing.

Bellus Medical SkinPen treatment microneedling results after Shangrila MedSpa skincare treatment

After treatment with Bellus Medical SkinPen this Shangrila patient was thrilled with the results

Q: How many treatments will have you had/do you need?

A: I have had 2 treatments and definitely will have more.

A liquid facelift is different than a surgical facelift (rhytidectomy). A liquid facelift involves dermal injectables and fillers into the perioral, periorbital, and nasolabial folds. Skin is normally not directly removed with a liquid facelift, rather the facial areas are rejuvenated by reestablishing volume through fillers. Popular fillers include Restylane, Juvederm, Collagen, Voluma, Belotero, and Perlane. This can be combined with Botox to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and crows feet. A true facelift requires scars in front of the ears, behind the ears and posterior hairline and sometime under the neck.

Q: What other treatments did you research before deciding on the liquid facelift?

A: I had a mini facelift a few years ago so I was familiar with surgical procedures to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. I looked into and had a consultation with a plastic surgeon to have the surgical procedure to replace fat under the skin to reduce wrinkles. I also tried various wrinkle reducing items that used ultra sound waves along with special topical serums to stimulate the production of Collagen to reduce wrinkles and plump the skin.

Q: What was the deciding factor to move forward with this treatment vs. other options?

A: There was more control of the results of using the Juvederm. With surgery I couldn’t be sure that the wrinkles would fill in. I consulted with an excellent surgeon but the surgical procedure can only guarantee 40% to 60% results. The Juvederm could be placed in the best locations to reduce the wrinkles and it was not as radical as surgery.

Q: From a personal viewpoint; what has changed after these treatments? ie: confidence; personality changes; self-esteem; etc.

A: All of the above! I really do have more confidence and self-esteem. I notice that I look people in the eye much more often now. Prior to the treatment I felt like if I didn’t see them they couldn’t see me so I would avoid eye contact. This gave people a very wrong impression of me but I felt safer because maybe they didn’t see how bad my skin looked and how wrinkled I was. So much has changed for me now. I still am not perfect but I don’t feel as much need to hide because of the way I look.

Q: How is the procedure done?

A: I had Juvederm injections. I was made comfortable in a reclining chair and the Juvederm was injected under the skin around my mouth and chin.

Q: What does it feel like?

A: It is a little uncomfortable around the sensitive areas but mostly you can’t feel much at all. Just a little pressure.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: An hour or more depending on how much Juvederm is being used.

Q: What was the downtime?

A: No downtime.

Q: When did you see results?

A: The very next day! It took a few days for my face to look totally normal after the injections but there was never a time when I could not go out in public with complete confidence that I looked just fine.

Q: How many treatments will have you had/do you need?

A: I have had 2 treatments and will continue to do more as needed.

This article was written by Deb Alvarez, a valued member of our cosmetic skincare team at Shangrila MedSpa.

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