Lifting Weights and Exfoliating your Skin have More in Common than you may Think

exfoliation before and after photo orange county californiaFor many of us, staying active and fit is as important as maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Take lifting weights for example. Lifting weights causes microscopic tears in muscle fibers so that they repair themselves stronger. Exfoliating helps your skin in a similar way. Skin exfoliation breaks down dead skin cells, which spurs new cell growth and collagen growth. Exfoliating your skin is as important to your face as lifting weights is to staying physically fit. At the age of 35-40 our bodies halt the production of collagen and elastin. At 45 we actually lose these naturally occurring compounds at the rate of 1% per year. In order to produce collagen at this time in life we must exfoliate (cause injury to the skin). So just like you need to stick to a regular strength training routine to sculpt sexy muscles, a consistent skin-care routine is crucial for gorgeous, glowing skin. When you lift weights your body needs time to rest in between – you can’t overdue it! Similarly, it’s very important to be careful not to over exfoliate your skin either. Two to three times per week is plenty! For best results, Professional Treatments are recommended at least every 4 weeks.

Skin Exfoliation Products and Techniques

skin exfoliating before and after photoMy favorite exfoliation product is “SkinCeuticals Micro Exfoliating Scrub“, which costs about $30. It is always best to follow your exfoliation with a Hydrating Mask or Serum. Think of your skin as a brick wall. When skin is compromised, it’s as if the grout between the bricks is gone. A hydration treatment with a Hyaluronic Acid base will penetrate deeper into the epidermis. This seals the skin’s cracks, making your skin a virtual fortress and protecting it from free radicals, etc. For example, SkinCeuticals’ B5 Gel (around $74) or Retexturing Activator (roughly $73) are by far the best on the market today. To ensure that you have covered every inch of the face, neck and décolleté it’s best to make two passes over the entire area. At Shangrila MedSpa we always want to take our treatments down to the neck and décolleté to create one clear canvas.

While keeping a good skin exfoliation tool is necessary at home it is always best to keep the skin guessing by using a variety of skin care practices, like those provided by Shangrila MedSpa. We can accomplish that with Professional Skin Exfoliation such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels and Dermaplaning. All of these skin practices are done in the treatment room and are under the supervision of our trained Medical Staff. We can customize any of the treatments to meet your exact Skin Types and Conditions. Whether you are experiencing dull, dry skin or an active break out we can treat and correct those conditions easily and effectively. Complimentary consultations are offered to new and existing patients so we can fully understand your concerns and treat them accordingly. Call us or contact us for more information on skin exfoliation and other cosmetic skin care treatments provided by our medical staff.

This article was written by Deb Alvarez, a valued member of our cosmetic skincare team at Shangrila MedSpa.

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