What is the difference between Dysport and Botox? And why Botox is so Great for Male Skin Treatments

There is a new kid on the cosmetic skincare block, and her name is Dysport. Some of you might have heard about it, and this article we answer some questions about Dysport and how it compares to Botox®. We’ll also talk about the increasing trend of male Botox® use.

Both Dysport and Botox® are made up of botulinum toxin A: a protein that relaxes the muscles that it is injected into. The protein found in Dysport is smaller than Botox, so it tends to take effect much quicker. Dysport seems to be more affordable in price almost by half. The trick is in how both are measured and diluted. A treatment with Dysport will require double the amount of Botox® to achieve the same result. So with that being said if you are paying $5.00 a unit for Dysport and $10.00 a unit for Botox you will need 2 units of Dysport to equal 1 unit of Botox® – so, essentially, you are paying the same amount. Both last about 3-6 months.

At Shangrila MedSpa we use Botox®, distributed by Allergan Exclusively

Check out www.botoxcosmetic.com for more information on Botox®. If you have questions or concerns please visit the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety. PCIS is a non profit, non bias site.

Botox® is a non-surgical treatment that reduces frown lines, crow’s feet, and the horizontal lines on the forehead, by relaxing the muscles that cause them. Advanced Botox® techniques can also create a non-surgical brow lift, reduce “bunny lines” and more.

Within a week after your Botox® injections, you will see gradual and natural improvements. Fine lines and wrinkles continue to improve for up to a month, and results can last for up to 4 months. Since Botox® relaxes the muscles that cause lines to form in the first place, getting regular Botox treatments can effectively hit the “pause” button on the aging process itself. We are seeing more and more patients using Botox® as “preventative maintenance” at a young age as to not ever have those pesky resting lines.

Men and Botox® Treatments!

Botox® isn’t just for our female patients anymore either. We are seeing more men in our practice as well. More and more men each year are obsessively taking care of their appearance: and it’s not just limited to skin creams.

Men all over Orange County, CA and beyond are coming into skincare clinics like Shangrila for Botox® skincare treatments. Lots of executive type men want to stay ahead of the curve, and its no secret that appearances will help win that war.

A few weeks ago, we reported on the fact that more and more women in their 20’s were getting Botox®. We are seeing the same trend with men in the same age bracket, and beyond.

We spoke with Kevin M (who wanted to remain anonymous) from California’s Laguna Beach, who stopped in for a Botox® injection last week:

“Every time I moved my face, I would see signs of aging. I had wrinkles all over my forehead from stress – and I wanted to get rid of them. I saw all of my friends who didn’t take as good care of themselves as I did, but still looked better because they were less stressed.”

So we ask the question, “Can we navigate the stress in our lives?” The answer is primarily “No”, but we can take the initiative to counteract the daily stresses with BOTOX®!

Kevin went on to say, “It’s getting super affordable and I can be in and out faster than a tanning bed in most cases. It’s discreet and no one has to know. The first time I came into work after getting Botox, no one really noticed I had something done, but many people said I looked more rested – and someone said that I look ‘great’.”

It doesn’t just stop at appearances either – Botox has been shown to increase self esteem, confidence, and can even make people seem overall happier.

Use Botox® with any of our skin rejuvenation treatments, microdermabrasion, or dermal fillers to enhance your results.

This article was written by Deb Alvarez, a valued member of our cosmetic skincare team at Shangrila MedSpa.

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