Dermaplaning by Shangrila MedSpa in South Orange County

these skin products are used for dermaplaning skin treatments by Shangrila in Orange County California

Dermaplaning is the latest procedure in skin resurfacing and exfoliating. At south Orange County’s Shangrila MedSpa we use Dermaplaning as a stand-alone exfoliation to improve skin quality, texture and appearance. Dermaplaning also prepares the skin for other treatments.

“As seen on ABC Good Morning America” dermaplanning is the latest craze in anti aging for women. We have always wondered why men age so “gracefully” now we know. They shave daily and while shaving they are exfoliating the dead skin off that accumulates overnight.

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This medical cosmetic procedure is used to remove the thin, top, outer layer of skin (dead epidermal cells) and soft hair. It is performed using a special surgical blade to gently scrape away that top layer of problem skin – and remove acne scars or small, fine facial wrinkles. Treatments take approximately twenty minutes, are painless, and can be done every 4 weeks. This is a popular treatment because of the excellent results with minimal to no downtime. Not only will you achieve smoother, brighter skin but by skimming off fine hair on the face that traps dirt and oil dermaplaning enhances the effectiveness of other skin care treatments such as chemical peels. Despite popular belief, hair does not grow back thicker after dermaplaning.

Dermaplane Treatment Price

Dermaplaning Treatment – $120
Includes Moisturizing Facial Treatment.

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