Chemical Peels by Shangrila MedSpa in South Orange County

Chemical Peels cosmetic skin treatment by Shangrila in southern Orange County, CA

Chemical peels are an exfoliation of the epidermis customized to your skin type and conditions. They are ideal for repairing uneven skin tone, diminishing fine lines and removing skin impurities – all while stimulating cellular rejuvenation.

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Understanding the benefits and effects of various chemical peels and treatments is essential in selecting the correct peel for you. Chemical peels will enhance your skin to appear smoother and healthier.

All of our peel treatments include double cleansing, hydration and a SPF.


Chemical Peel Menu

Lactic Peel: $75


  • Lactic peels are the lightest of all chemical peels. The superficial peel will smooth and soften your skin, brighten your complexion, minimize pore size and reduce discoloration. Superficial peels can be performed every two weeks.


Glycolic Peel: $100


  • Glycolic peels can range from light to deep, depending on your goals and skin condition. A light peel reveals brighter skin and can be done almost every week and is a great add-on to facials.
  • A Glycolic peel is composed of alpha-hydroxy acids that produce a light peel perfect for reduig fine lines, wrinkles, treating dry areas, aiding in the control of acne, improving sun damaged skin, and smoothing rough, dry skin.
  • Medium Strength chemical peels are highly effective in promoting skin smoothness and vitality, improve color, texture, skin tone and fine wrinkles. Medium peels may be repeated every three to six months for optimal results and do involve a fw days of redness and peeling.


Salicylic Peel: $100


  • Salycilic acid peels attack bacteria that causes acne and they are perfect for the treatment of oily skin. Our salicylic peels can be done at a variety of strengths to treat your specific conditions and concerns.


Perfect Peel: $299


  • The Perfect Peel is the only peel that premieres Glutathione as a founding component and is the only true anti-aging ingredient offered exclusively in our formula. The Perfect Peel works from the inside to repair and nourish the skin by giving it a radiant glow, refining pores, improving skin hyperpigmentations, lifting melasma, controlling acne and preventing acne scars. Most importantly, the Glutathione element defies the aging process.
  • What is Glutathione? The ultimate antioxidant known to prevent damage to important cellular components in our skin. It’s a true anti-aging ingredient! The Perfect Peel is the ONLY peel that features Glutathione.


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